Monday, June 26, 2006

Fun in the sun

We had a pretty fab week-end. Saturday morning we went out for breakfast. Usually what happens when we need groceries. We cycled over to the ferry in Longueuil. It runs ever hour on the hour to the Old Port of Montreal and returns on the half hour. Very nice service. The first floor of the ferry was full of bike racks. It's funny because I'm used to my new bike but I forget that the people I meet have never seen it and stare and ask questions. It's still lots of fun. We're seeing more and more recumbent riders on the paths.

I took the following pictures on the water. The first is an old light house. I thought I'd share it since it's rarely seen but by water. The back side of an island is a strange place for a light house.

While approaching the dock, we passed by the clock tower at the end of Jacques-Cartier pier. See the sky. I wish the whole summer could be like that. 26C and sunny.
Daddy called to invite us for dinner to one of his favorit fast food joints. Marius' is in Chambly beside the basin. It was a nice night and where did all the seagulls go? There must be an invisible force field. Don't get me wrong. It was great to not have to fight for my food.
There were three of these in the sky. Powered para sailling. Crazy thought. They were about 3km away and pretty loud because of the fans on they're backs. I hope they wear ear plugs.

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