Sunday, January 08, 2006

Getting Organized

So exciting! We traded desks with Jo-Anne. She wanted a smaller desk and we were more than happy to take her large corner desk off her hands. We even did the moves right down to setting up her pc. Eric and I have taken the inspiration to organize our papers and the office. It was really a mess and was getting me really stressed. I couldn't find anything. I still can't find anything but we're getting there. The shredder is getting a work out.

We bought a new wooden lateral filing cabinet. It's about the same space as both of our small filing cabinets but the old ones were bent and the draws didn't work well. This new one has really nice sliders. Christina came over and put together the filing cabinet. It looks great. We talked about this new shelving unit that we saw at Ikea that we really liked. It's the same one my mom already has but now they have other colours and sizes. We agreed it would be best for our belongings.

The next day we walked over to the restaurant and went out for breakfast and then to the hardware store. When we were walking into the house Christina called and asked where we were. She said she had a surprise for us. We were on our way to MJ and Ron's to show them our videos and see their new electronics. We suggest we meet her there. We didn't realize how big this surprise was. Eric and I joked about her buying us the shelving but decided it was too large of a gift. She showed us. She had gone out early in the morning and bought it. We were thrilled. It fits perfectly. She and I watched Eric put it up. He followed each instruction and it went smoothly. Soon we'll put baskets in it to put our bits and pieces in. It will look fabulous.

Once it's all tidied and organized, I'll ad more pictures. The room is a joy to be in now. We can at the desk and have the sun shine on us with no glare in the monitor. We put the lights in the empty space behind the desk so that the room is less dark. By next week-end we should be organized.


  1. Christina9:11 pm

    Mommy's unit had a black border(frame) and the shelves are the darker wood colour. So your both right.

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    hey cathy!!!
    so how is the ofice looking now??