Sunday, January 15, 2006

Critchlow Christmas 2005

Yippy! Mommy and Daddy are home. Safe and sound. They had an ok flight. It was late and a little bumpy on the landing but they didn't loose their luggage and were only 60 min. late. This is them opening their Christmas presents. They got much needed shirts and a head set and mic to talk to Pamela, mostly, on the internet. Christina bought them a web cam so they could see too.

Today I made the most involved dinner yet but with a little planning it went very well. To bad I called my lifeline after the custard was made. We had Roast Beef medium rare with a Red Wine sauce. Broccoli with cheese sauce and mashed potatoes. Yorkshire pudding as a bonus. The Yorkshire pudding was a lot of work for what you got. I don't think I'll do that again.

I got up the nerve to make trifle. It didn't turn out as planned. The custard was runny. I didn't cook it long enough. It's been suggested that I use a double boiler and cook it for 20-30min. I think it should be a like a thick milkshake. I've got enough pound cake in the freezer to make another batch so I'll try it again in a couple of weeks. Since we can't possibly eat it all, who will be the lucky guests. I'm taking bribes now. lol

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  1. Sounds yummy Catherine, and your parents look so tanned - I am fully jealous! BTW did you loose a black sweater over the holidays?? I have one :)