Sunday, October 30, 2005

Walk on Mount-Bruno

Yesterday, I went for a walk on Mount-Bruno with MJ. We shared a lunch, basked in the rays and took just a few pictures. Well... 103 to be precise. The fall coulors and the sunshine made it really easy to take awesome pictures if I do say so myself. I've posted the pictures on my other website. (it was faster) They're a little large so if you have dial up please be patient. I'm going to try an find an easy way to make them smaller.

I sent 2 pictures via Walmart's internet photo lab for Eric to pick up. Gotta make sure it works for my big plans to re-do the pictures in the living room. hehehe. I have plenty when I come back from the UK.

Last night Heather through a fabulous birthday party for Glenn. It was dinner and the theme of each course was beer. It was delicious. We had great conversation and good food. What else could you ask for? As you can tell by Melissa's face she go into the markers and the ice cream. Mmmm Ice cream. Well, Mommy gave her some to start of with. When she asked nicely, Eric gave her some and she asked nicely again with a cute smile Gail gave her some more. Ohhh boy!

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