Monday, October 31, 2005


I called my parents to find out how the trip is going. Sounds like they had a great day in Annapolis. It was warm and they took public transit to the mall to buy an iPod and some speakers. *what teenagers* They were picked up from the mall taken to a grocery store and over to another Vega owner's home for dinner.

I updated the pictures on my other site to smaller. Can't see the difference online except I was able to cram more in. I hope you enjoy. They only give me 2mb so I might look for a new home for them. We'll see.

As Eric said, "25 days until you leave". I'm sooo excited. Planning what to pack, getting my papers in order and making sure the camera works. lol. Pamela's planned some fun stuff for us to do. I'm sure she's looking forward to her peanut butter and iced tea.

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