Friday, October 21, 2005

This week was pretty good. Eric is very happy to be back curling twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. He's at work on Thursdays so I'm pretty much a curling widow until spring.

Good thing Eric is bribing me by sending me to the UK for 10 days. I'll mostly be hanging out with Pamela. She's got lots of fun things for me to do. Today was exciting! I went ahead and booked my train from London to Leeds. How did people make travel arrangements before the internet. Pamela told me to book with "Virgin". I was very carefull to google that but good thing it came up as one of the first items of Virgin Trains. I thought about booking a RailSail package that would get me to Dublin at a great rate but Pamela told me I already had enough booked. I'm sure she's right.

For my trip I'm in search of a Media Reader for iPod w/ Dock Connector this will get information from my flash card ie pictures to my iPod. We tried CompuSmart, Best Buy and Future shop. It's great for backing up my pics and empting my flash card to make room for even more pictures. It also accomodates Pamela's card. I thought of Mommy and Daddy when I saw this Solio Solar/AC 10 Hour Battery Charger For iPod. Now isn't that cool !!!

Well tomorrow I'm going to try and get up to Mount Bruno for a walk. I'm in need of fresh air. All that rain really got to me. Couldn't pay me to live in Vancouver now. Yuck.

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