Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'm going to start off by saying. I hope everyone who's had a really rough week with health and familly that next week shows significant improvement and you all comeout of this stronger.
Hello! Well this week has calmed down. There was a fire drill. It took almost the first hour of my day. Good thing Thursday was a nice sunny day. I didn't even have to walk down the 15 flights of stairs. Bonus.

Eric went out and bought the camera we've been wanting for months. The Canon Power Shot 2S IS. It's better than expected. We're so excited.

We got it Saturday afternoon and went over to Paul and Murielle's for Christy's b-day. The big 3-Ohhhh.

Paul and Joe.

I think Joe's excited about his dinner. Too bad the steak was so tought that he broke his fork!

We figure this picture is 10 years old. There's me, Paul B. some rovers from Halifax and Mike. They say the camera adds 10lbs but I think it did wonders by subtracting. I need to find that macro on my new camera. LOL

Now can anyone tell me where this picture was taken?

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