Wednesday, July 13, 2005


We finally got it all together and got on our bikes. Eric bought a new one so his was easy. Many adjustments of the seat and taking the accessories from the old bike and putting them on the new one. Right down to an embarrassing story where he spent 20 min trying to take his peddle off the wrong direction. Oooops.
A little more complicated for me. We decided that my bike was worth fixing up. We took it for a tune up. They fixed the wheels, adjusted the brakes and changed the derailer cable. Hmmmm... When I got it home I couldn't shift into Low gear. Not good. We took it to the place near us and they cleaned out my gear shifter and it works great.
Yesterday we went for a short ride over to the Colby's and then a short stop at the bank. I motivate Eric to take a more direct route with a bribe to Dairy Queen. That was a very popular spot.
Today was a little more ambitious. We went up over Tascherault and checked out the contruction. Rough hill... especially when your chain get stuck. We cycled over to the Costco on the very nice bike path parallel/between to Tascherault and the 132. Going home wasn't as fun. It was dusk and we took the path along the water back. It was a little nerve racking. This was all and all a very enjoyable trip. We went 17.5km. We know that thanks to the Odometers set up on our bikes. I got up to 30km/hour on flat but not for very long.
We plan to do a few more km on our bikes this weekend.

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  1. We should plan to meet up on Sunday & go for a ride...we could then compare odometers as Tim's & mine do not register the same!