Friday, July 15, 2005

And they're off !

We found on our ride Wednesday night we were missing a few Cycle musts so Eric picked me up after work and we went to the "MEC"A. We went a little crazy. We went there for lights and on the way there the list kept getting longer. Amazing how that happens. We did buy a headlight each and I got a rear flashing light(Eric already had one). We also got sunglass cases, a bell, sunglases for me with additional yellow lense. It was all so exciting. Oh and Eric bought some bike shorts. He'll see how they work. I'm very jeleous but I'll just have to waite untill I break down and buy some on the net or loose the many pounds it would take to get into their womens shorts. This is the one time I'm not going for men's stuff.
We plan to ride this week-end. Not quite sure where or when but Tim and Christine have invited us so we'll do something with them on Sunday. I hope they don't mind going at a snails pace. lol.

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