Sunday, July 17, 2005

Biggest Ride yet.

We've been riding our bikes for a week now and we set off for a trip to my home town. It took about an hour and 17 km. Not bad I thought. The new sunglass were really nice to wear. We bought me a pair of bike gloves at St-Jean's. They make things more comfortable and less sticky.
We took the backway behind Club Price and through the airport. I wouldn't want to do that on a windy day. It was a nice temperature there but on the way back it hit 30C. I drank and drank.
I think we're all decked out for now but I'm going to try and hunt down my rain poncho. Today it's rainning and we put the biking on hold.

I'm cutting this short 'cause Eric's calling to go to Canadian Tire.

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