Monday, June 13, 2005

It's sauna hot.

Well things have been great. Lots of excitement these days. Pamela had a great time in Bermuda but she missed us sooo that she's staying another week. lol That's the positive spin. She was able to see Grandpa Walter.

Grandpa showed up on Sunday morning and spent the day with Daddy. They had a great time and came home to a BBQ dinner. It was tasty too bad I left the left over salad in Mommy and Daddy's car. What a nice feeling to have so much of the family together. Too bad Eric had to eat and run.

We went to see the final performance at the Circus School. They are very talented performers. If they could eat bugs, they would do very well in "Fear Factor".

Sorry this is short and sweet. It's too hot to blog.

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