Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Sunday was a great day! Everything went as planned. (very rare in construction) and only one 2 trips to home depot.
In the morning I dropped Eric off at work to pick up the Palason Van. Not many vehicles carry 12 ft planks. I went over to Mommy and Daddy's to pick up an expert, Grandpa. We made coffee and met Eric at the house.
I gave Grandpa the tour. The house was at it's messiest. It's much tidier now. Sorry Grandpa. It's always nice to show off the house, our pride a joy/work in progress.
We added a new room to the house although it's not very well insulated but it's got a nice view of the garden and hardwood floors. hehehe. On Saturday, we started the deck by laying the gravel and footing. That was easier than anticipated. (real easy when Eric does all the work) Sunday morning we framed it all out. Grandpa and I helped as much as we could but Eric seemed to have everything under control. I left him to his job and made sure he was feed and hydrated. After lunch the deck part when on. We put in mosquito netting. Might be over doing it but it's much easier to do now than to go back and put it in. Grandpa napped in the lawn chair in the shade, What a great life, while Eric and I drilled most of the planks. I did 2 rows to Eric's 5. I tried... screwing up takes practice.
Christina spent the day. Once the deck was done, we went shopping for dinner and a BBQ for Daddy. Boy is it hard to chose what to do for dinner! I decided on BBQ'd drumsticks with potato salad and MJ brought coleslaw. It was very enjoyable all round. Welsh's grape juice was a real hit.

Enough talking from me. Have a look at the pictures.

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