Saturday, June 04, 2005

Eric adds Sandy's Deli to his favorites

Pamela spent this week with us while we were on vaccation. Everything went quite well. Especially the weather that I special ordered. Next time I'll order the weather without the UV rays that stung my shoulders. We shopped, went to the movies and lounged around the house. Makes for a relaxing week off.
As usual, Eric was a little busier than I. We aggreed that we had one too many trees in the front way. Eric took it appon himself to remove it. We cut down all the branches and made them small for bundleing. I through them out to the curb. It's amazing what the city of brossard garbage men will take. Then there was the stump... With lots of digging and cutting and a few pulls with the car. It finally came out. Yippy!! and no car damage. Now I would like to put some bleeding hearts there.

Eric went down to the states with Daddy to fix a furling gear. He's learning a lot about boats in preparation for when we take him sailling in August. I think he's going to love it. Anyway... the highlight of his trip was his first Sandy's deli sub. Now he knows what we've been talking about and understands why we love them. He loved it soo much that when we went to North Hero to check out the sites we went back so he could have the same sub. Mmmmm.

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