Friday, May 13, 2005

Tourist Season (is that like duck season)

Today I came accross a common variety of the Tourist species. "the american college male" They hang arround in gangs and although they're brains are small they manage to hunt down large amounts of food.

Today I was at BK and while standing in line to order, I heard one of the guys say. "Don't order number eight" I assumed it was because he didn't like it the last time. He declared it had "poison" in it. I looked up to make sure I wasn't ordering it and #8 was a "Sandwich au Poisson". I know not everyone likes fish but that's a little harsh don't you think?

One thing that the tourist bring in besides money are fancy cars especially since we host "F1" and "The Molson Indy". Last week I came home and told Eric that I saw a really fancy Chrysler. Well.... I saw another one and, upon furthur investigation, I noticed a small B in the wings. I came home and confirmed my suspicions. The 150K $ Chrysler was really a Bently Continental GT. I'd never seen a Bentley in real life.

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