Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just Updating

Since I posted our calendar, things have been added and I'm sure there is still more to come. Yippy !!!

Couple of random things to note.
I found The Container Store online. They have an Unbreakable Pitcher . I'd like to make a trip down there this summer. There are two in the Boston area. I could also be convinced to visit the LLBean outlet store.

All these links are very cool. It's the closest I've come to HTML. So far so good.

Just for Grandpa! We found an electric BBQ that looks like a real BBQ. The MasterChef Electric BBQ at Canadian Tire of course.

The weekend is coming but we have no big plans like the rest of the month. Eric has Becket on Saturday night and we want to go to Mount-Bruno with friends if the weather permits on Sunday.

Off to Lala land it's late!

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