Thursday, May 26, 2005

Off to Oakville we go!

There's something ironic about blogs. The more busy you are having fun the less time you have to write about the fun.
Friday we drove down to Oakville. The drive was quite nice and I love my MP3 player. We met up with Pamela and Grandpa. We went out for a very nice roller blade/bike ride. 15 km along lake Ontario with the sun beaming down and a nice breeze. I'm glad we went on Friday afternoon. Much less busy than Saturday might have been. We came back and had a very nice steak dinner with asparagus. Surprisingly, we all love asparagus. Dessert was yummy too. Fresh blueberries and ice cream. After dinner we went out and did Hikers Heaven(too expensive) and The Running Room. Pamela purchased a pair of running shoes in less than 15 min. (we could all take lessons) Did you know that most of Oakville's grocery stores are open 24/7. What a shock! But the drugstores close early. Go figure. An all round fun day!

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