Friday, December 06, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I tried to hem a pair of RTW (ready to wear) pants and I failed miserably. I did such a great job at hemming the first leg that I didn't notice it was done and hemmed it again. Now it's 4 inches to short. After some cursing and laughing, I put it aside. We had dinner and then I went crazy and started a new project even though I was obviously not focused. 
Vanessa loves dresses, actually I'm hard pressed to get either of my daughters in pants. It was Vanessa turn for a dress. I found a pattern that was perfect for her. The Bluebelle dress from My Childhood Treasures. I took Vanessa to the fabric store to pick out her fabric. She loved being there and looking at the pattern catalogs and choosing my next project but had little interest in the fabric. I found a beautiful herringbone pattern for a steal. It reads grey but when I put it beside black it's actually blue. The weight was perfect. There was no tag on the bolt to say it's content but it feels like a soft wool but washes beautifully. I paired it with a red stripe. 
Everything went smoothly. I didn't get out my seam ripper or recut a piece. I had a beautiful dress a couple of hours later. I hung it on Vanessa's door so she would find it in the morning and she was beaming. This dress has the best twirl! This dress' only fault is that I find it a little long but she won't let me turn it up. 

So here goes! the final product.