Saturday, June 04, 2011

Vanessa in the now

Vanessa is also growing really fast. I told someone the other day that I think her vocabulary is at par with her Daddy’s. Slight exaggeration but she comes out with all sorts of things. While eating oatmeal she said, “this is sweet and a little bit tender.” Too bad she thinks that tender food is a bad thing. She’s very sweet with her little sister and is happy to play with Hailey. She’s always looking out for her and quick to share her food.

This summer Vanessa’s involved with two different summer camps. One which is an extension of school and the other is run by a non-profit that Hailey and I will also be attending in July. She’s having a great time… I think. She always comes home hot, dirty and exhausted. These are all good things right? She tells me that it’s boooorrrring but tonight when I asked her what she wanted to dream about she said,” Camp” among other things. 

Here are pictures of her first day at Day Camp. The whole way there she said,”Why do I have to go to camp?” “why do I have to have fun?” but when we got in the parking lot. “Hurry up Mommy. I don’t want to be late!” There’s only one of her classmates there but she’s happy to make new friends.


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