Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I just put Hailey down for a nap. Vanessa’s watching her current favourite Wiggles Christmas. PLEASE may she get another Wiggles DVD for her birthday. I like the Wiggles because it gets her up and dancing but enough with the Christmas music.

Sunday we had a fantastic day. There was early morning swim where I was happy to be the one dressing the girls because the pool was COLD. The heater was broken and even the showers had no hot water. Vanessa was fine but she came out pretty splotchy and asked to use the hair dryers. We pressed the button a few times while she stood there naked to warm up and dry her hair. Hailey’s class was cut short. She and I’m sure other babies were shivering. We dressed her in dry clothes and warmed her up in the snow suit. I told Eric I wasn’t going to my class the next day. They called to cancel it the next day.

Hailey went for a nap and we got organized to go out to Hudson for their winter carnival Shiverfest. We picked up friends on the way and met Chris and Kieran there. There were lots of things to do at the outdoor skating party. Sleigh rides, taffy, hot chocolate, tug-a-war with the firemen and a DJ. Vanessa skated the whole time we were there and after 2 hours still didn’t want to remove her skates. She’s an awesome and determined skater. I’ve never seen her persevere for anything like this before. It’s funny that went we talk about going skating all she says is she falls but when she’s on the ice she can get up unassisted without a second thought. (At least for the first 90 minutes) It was a great place because there were enough things to do and Vanessa was on skates so she couldn’t get away. Hailey hung out on my back the whole time and she was as good as gold.

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