Saturday, February 05, 2011

First French conversation

Vanessa and I were cleaning her room for Kieran’s sleep over. Vanessa has mixed feelings. She wants him to sleep over but isn’t keen on giving up her room.

Me: Es-ce que Papa fait du chocolat? (lyrics from Raffi song)

V: No… Non

Me: Es-ce que Papa peinture?

V: Oui!

Yup. Eric’s painting our room pumpkin and spice. Every time I go in there I change my mind if I like it. I’m not sure that it’s going to go with the gorgeous material I bought for the blinds. Since I can’t get to them now, we’ll have to check that out later. The window looks huge now that we’ve taken down the large velvet drapes. We’re going to put roman blinds inside the frame of the window since it’s a small room with a big bed. And no! I’m not downsizing my bed even though it’s takes up the whole room. It’s my room and I love my space. We even found that we can’t share our bed with Vanessa.

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