Monday, December 27, 2010

part 2

Christmas day the girls woke up at 7:45. A very respectable time. Vanessa, Hailey and Daddy snuck downstairs while I got dressed. Daddy was good enough to take video of her reaction. Priceless and typical Vanessa.

We started off by unwrapping our stockings. They were filled with goodies. We went upstairs for breakfast. Nice and simple this year with frittata, croissants, melons and orange juice. I was expecting the frittata to be run of the mill and that it would do but I was extremely surprised that we loved it. Onions, ham, swiss cheese and green onions. Delicious. Vanessa didn’t have any because she filled up on cantaloupe, honey dew melon and croissant. Hailey had her first taste of cantaloupe. I think it was  the first time she didn’t grimace trying a new food.

We opened our presents while Hailey was napping. I got spoiled and Eric was minimalist this year. (the tables were turned). Vanessa did very well as usual. Stickers were definitely a theme for her.  She got snowshoes and princess things. She was not disappointed. She’s watched her new Horton Hears a Who twice already.

When Hailey woke up, we packed up and headed to go tobogganing. The hill was quiet despite the perfect conditions. Fast, no wind, –8C and good snow coverage. It was a great idea to get out and spend some energy. For the first time I chickened out and didn’t slide. Stayed at the top to keep Hailey company. We played in the park and checked out the hockey before heading over to MJ and Ron’s.

At MJ and Ron’s we visited with Ronald’s parents. They were very happy to see my girls. The girls behaved themselves very well. (hot chocolate bribery) They received beautiful gifts. Hailey and Vanessa are both enjoying the musical instruments.

We came home for Hailey’s nap and some downtime for the rest of us before heading out for more cheer at Grandma’s house. Packed house with my sisters, Chris, Tim and Kieran and Chris’ parents. We had a lovely dinner and opened many more gifts. The kids were spoiled but that’s the best part. Spoiled with food, attention and gifts. We look forward to next year but I think we’ll switch it up a little.


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