Sunday, December 05, 2010

Busy start to the holidays

Vanessa is now old enough to “get it” at Christmas time. Some things like being naughty or nice still elude her but I’m hoping for next year. Santa put together a video message for her. She listened to it over and over. What she got out of it was that she needed to bake Santa cookies. Chocolate Chip cookies of course. Last year we made one pizza size but I think we’ll be more traditional this year.

At pre-school she made the nicest advent calendar. When you turn over the days, it show pictures of her classmates and teachers. Still unclear that it’s one a day but it’s still fun.


We all went over to Christina and Pamela’s to decorate their tree. Vanessa desperately wanted a tree but we have no room and with Hailey crawling and Vanessa getting into everything we thought we’d wait at least another year. She loved it. Unfortunately one of Pamela’s ornaments broke. Donald lost his beak. Some crazy glue should fix it but it’s still sad.

Last week-end every minute of the day was filled. We went over to Jo-Anne’s and met some family that came from out west. It was a nice dinner then the kids played downstairs while the adults enjoyed themselves.

Saturday Vanessa and her Daddy went to B’s birthday party. Everyone was pretty excited. The party was at his house. They played games had lots of food and cake and had a magician.

That evening we went to a friends house we’ve known since MotherGoose. We had American Thanksgiving with them. All was going very well. The food was lovely and the company was enjoyable. It was getting late and then we found the writing on the wall. Vanessa drew on the wall in K’s bedroom. When we told her we had to leave she was hysterical. She had been warned that that was the consequence for misbehaving. Vanessa and I got our coats on and head out the door. Kicking and screaming while Eric picked up the pieces. She was yelling all the way home. I’m hoping that she’ll remember that for the next time. We were given compliments about sticking to our guns and Eric about his patience. Always nice to hear.

The next day the girls had swimming lessons and Vanessa and Daddy took a train ride to the West Island. Vanessa had been bugging and bugging about going on a train ride so I set it up that she and Eric would go out there and visit some good friends of ours. She was thrilled. They had a great time on the train. I went over to meet them and spend some time with them. Vanessa loves seeing these girls because they have dress up clothing. I think she spent half the time in her underwear which was fine with everyone. She was very tired when it was time to go and had a small meltdown because she didn’t want to leave. It was dinner time and she fell asleep in the car on the way home at 6:15 or so. We were very surprised.

We had a wonderful week-end but maybe next time I’ll plan the train ride for when it’s less busy…

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