Monday, September 06, 2010

The last week.

Vanessa has made great strides over the past couple of weeks. She's a very confident girl and loves school. She's with a new teacher 2 whole days a week. Ahhh... She's potty trained. A week before school the switch flicked on and she's only had one accident since. I found a new incentive which worked wonders. She had pee under control for months now. She was having issues with #2. A lot of issues. We went to the museum in Ottawa and she had 3 accidents but after that never looked back. We started painting a nail of her choice and choice of colour every time she pooed in the toilet. Yeah Mommy! She had something to show off, it made her feel like a big girl and I spent time with her while we painted.
Yesterday we gave Vanessa some new furniture and made a big girl room for her. She now has room for some of her toys and a full length mirror. At nap time I heard a crash on the floor and I thought she'd been climbing her new shelving but when I looked at the scene I realized she'd been doing lots of pirouettes and fell. LOL my little girl in her "ballet" dress in front of a mirror. And speaking of naps. There's no place for souces in big girl rooms. We gave the souce to Hailey last night for when she was big enough and Vanessa kicked up a stink for 2 minutes and hasn't mentioned it since. WOW that was easy.
Vanessa's now 3 1/2 with some attitude. We've gotten our share of "No. you do it" back at us and last night, "Get lost! You should know better". Eric was getting a talking to. Funny thing is she wasn't really mad.
We went for a walk on Mount-Bruno with my mom and had a great time. Lunch and a park was involved so of course it was a hit. Vanessa took lots of pictures and walked the whole way. Hailey vegged in her stroller.
We spent yesterday in IKEA mayhem. First we went to the store and Eric picked out some furniture while I dropped Vanessa at Small Land and then nursed Hailey. Funny story. IKEA is all set up with a nursing room and change table with spare diapers and wipes which is all nice but that room doesn't have a garbage.... I checked on Eric and then went to pick up Vanessa before purchasing 21 boxes of furniture.
Vanessa got a big girls room and we got a more child safe living room. Win Win.
In a week we should be more organized in our office and I hope to post some more and even some pictures.

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