Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joy, Bliss and fun

Vanessa and I are sick again so we've been staying in but that hasn't stopped Hailey. She's a sheer joy. There are very few tears shed but she's still quite vocal. This morning she babbled for an hour until she fell asleep for her first nap of the day. Nobody can resist smiling at that. Over the last two weeks we found her rolled over onto her tummy in her crib twice. I hadn't seen it but I figured she pushed her feet on the bars to do it. When I was getting out her changing pad she pushed her feet on my thigh   and rolled over. Awesome! until she tried to roll back and bonked  her head on the corner of the wall. 

Early this week she was hanging out on the floor after changing her and rolled right over from he back to her tummy and it seemed effortless. So exciting to see her growing and gaining skills before our eyes. I placed her on her activity mat and she now reaches for the toys hanging overhead with joy. The exersaucer is also fun. Vanessa likes it because it's a fun way for them to interact. The first time Hailey went in it she swirled around twice and she's touching the floor. There's no stopping her now.

*knock on wood* after a long battle of blocked tear ducts/eye infection it seems Hailey is rid of it. We can now see her gorgeous brown eyes. I had thought that they might turn brown and this week they finally did. Looks like she'll have her daddy's eyes. Maybe she'll be the daddy's girl.

Here are some pictures of some fun at the Bradley Cottage.



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