Friday, May 28, 2010

Right now

Fun, Fun, Fun... Hailey turned two months old last week-end. As everyone says, she sure is growing. Longer and longer. She is a really really easy going baby. She loves her sleep and I love her sleep too. She sleeps through the night for a couple of weeks now. Through the day she she`s a light sleeper. Hailey loves to smile back at anyone. She smiles easily and it`s such a joy. My fresh new baby talks a lot and it`s great! Vanessa says she speaks French and that`s why she doesn`t understand. :-)
Vanessa is growing FAST! Last week-end we started potty training a-gain. But this time is for the last time. We`ve had a few accidents but we`re well on our way. gummy dinosaurs really kicked it off but she rarely asks for them now. I can take her out for short trips and not worry too much but we have yet to put her #2 in the toilette so now I know when she's quiet I've got a mess to clean up. Oh well. Soon there will be no diapers, pull ups or diaper rash.
We spent the whole week-end glued to Vanessa. She got lots of attention and that worked well for her other "issues". I've been able to go out in public and and Canadian Tire without putting her in a stroller or something. She followed pretty well and listened mostly. Fantastic. I'm feeling a little more confident about the summer and full time with Vanessa.

Pictures to come...

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