Friday, April 02, 2010

Fun in the sun

We've been doing very well. Hailey is happy being home and Vanessa is happy to have her here. Everyone is healthy for the first time in over a month. Hailey is taking after Vanessa and slept 8 hours straight last night. Eric got antsy and hat to check on her but she was fine. When she finally woke, up she was hungry and I was ready.
Wednesday was a really long day though. Vanessa is having trouble adjusting to all the excitement and attention. She hasn't had a schedual in a couple of weeks. This all adds up to no naps. She's refusing and we've tried almost everything. She's not ready give them up. There have been lots of meltdowns. (mostly hers)Hopefully we'll sort it all out when Eric goes back to work.
Wednesday I also hit a low point in breastfeeding Hailey. It was so painful I couldn't handle it. The nurse told me I was doing everything right which is nice but doesn't help me. We took a break for a day and tried again Thursday and everything is much better now. What a relief. I loved nursing Vanessa and didn't want to miss out on that with Hailey for both her and my sakes.
Today we're going for a walk on the mountain. We'll bring a pic-nic. Vanessa is pretty excited and I have to say I am too. Dressing in layers is the plan for today. It's suppose to go up to 23C. Eric and I are wearing zip-off pants and Vanessa has pants that roll up. Found the sun hat and have to find the sunscreen. Our winter white skin can't handle this all at once but it's so worth it.
Hope you get out and enjoy the sun. It's going to be a nice day across the country.

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