Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're finally on our way!!

warning this may be a little too much information.

I mean Vanessa is finally on her way to being potty trained. Yesterday she decided it was the day since I was under the weather and wasn't going out it was timed perfectly. We've been here before so I didn't have my hopes up. She took off her pull up and watched a little tv. She walked over to play with some toys and started peeing on the floor so I asked her to stop and sit on the potty two feet away which she did. That's promising! She then asked for chocolate. I figured she tried so she earned it. I had kept her Halloween candy just for these moments. It's funny that it's not so much about the candy but about the fact that she can choose.
No accidents for the rest of the day and told me when she needed to pee. I put her in a pull up for nap time and it was wet and some small constipated poo. (she's going to love this post when she's older) That evening she kept trying to go poo and told me that it hurt so I figured she'd just wait until I put her to bed in she pull up where she's comfortable. She surprised me and tried a different potty where she had her feet more solidly on the floor and pooped! We were both excited and relieved.
This morning when she woke up I went into her room and she had taken off her DRY pull up and wanted to go pee downstairs. Ohh downstairs since it's close to the candy.
This is very promising so we're just going to keep with it. Tomorrow we go out and brave the diaper free world. Wish us luck!

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