Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's all about me

Last Friday I got up to a sore neck. Not a big deal. It will go away in a couple of days... By the end of the day I realized that this was no usual muscle stiffness. The pain was in my shoulder and radiated down to my elbow. I took some Tylenol to see if that helped. No such luck.
Saturday was my birthday. We had big plans to spend the day out. We went downtown to Cafe Universel for brunch which was fabulous. The best food we've had in a very long time. It was near the bead store where we were going to make my birthday necklace. I've been wanting to make something fun and sparkly for a while. It turned out pretty nice. The employees at the store were really helpful. I empressed myself. Eric busied himself by making Vanessa a necklace with her name on it. It's got a metal line with a magnet clasp so she can put it on and take it off herself and it's indestructible. We were suppose to go out for dinner but I couldn't bare the pain anymore and just wanted to lie down so we went home and ordered pizza. We enjoyed it with Pamela and Vanessa.
Sunday Chris, Tim, Kieran and Jo-Anne came over for a very nice dinner that Eric cooked. I planned out the meal and he made it. It was an easy chicken slow cooker recipe that was adored by all. We had salad and he made fresh buns with dough from the bread machine. Yummy! Chris made a chocolate apple bunt cake. Also Yummy. Chris and Tim got me a new cookbook. Make it fast and cook it slow. It's written by an adventurous mom who cooked a years worth of slow cooker recipes and compiled this book by trial and error. It's a fun easy going cookbook. I find slow cooking the best while pregnant. It means that I make dinner when I have the most energy and the family is fed even if I'm exhausted. It also usually makes extra and usually reheats and freezes well.
I had to cancel my swimming this week due to my neck pain which by now I know it's a pinched nerve in my neck. The timing was good because my ride called to cancel for the same reason. What are the odds of that?
By Tuesday I had tried everything. Rest, exercise, Tylenol, heat and nothing worked. I rented a car just to be able to escape the house. I invited myself over to MJ and Ron's for dinner and plopped myself on the couch while Vanessa played. Dinner was a very good lasagna which Vanessa loved and had seconds. I feel bad that's all I could handle but that's what family is for. Right?
I went to a masseuse on Wednesday which was really nice but she did nothing for me since they work on muscles and aren't trained for pinched nerves. Vanessa, however, had a fantastic time with Chris and Kieran. They played with toys and went to the park and had lunch. Vanessa didn't eat much since it was way more fun to feed Kieran. She's going to be a great big sister.
Thursday I took it easy while Eric took Vanessa to playgroup. For the first time Eric stayed home from work because I couldn't function with Vanessa and she was suffering. Way too much tv and no napping makes both of us irritable to say the least.
Friday I gave up hope that this was going to get better on it's own and went to the doctor. I made a brave move and brought Vanessa with me. She played happily with the toys there for an hour. She got a little restless so we had a snack and then she watched a TV show on my iPod. The only problem was that she kept talking really loudly about the TV show because she had her headphones on. I lifted one of the headphones away from her ear to tell her to talk quietly. That didn't work. She just lifted the earpiece to shout about me. I hope everyone else in the waiting room thought it was as cute as I did.
The doctor checked me out and agreed that I had a pinched nerve and since I'm pregnant there wasn't anything that she wanted to prescribe me. She did however send me to a physiotherapist and an acupuncturist. I have an appointment on Monday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do for me. Ohhh and what do I do with Vanessa in the meantime? Any volunteers? Too bad she's too old to sit in her stroller and nap and too young to entertain herself. It will get all sorted out eventually.

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