Monday, November 16, 2009

General Update.

Vanessa's growing up so fast. She's becoming more independent day by day. The other day we went for a walk around our block and she was walking on the curb carefully. She kept saying,"Look Mommy. I'm doing it all by myself." She was so proud. She loves to help me in the kitchen. I think making dough is her favorite. We've been making pizzas and yesterday she got pretty excited about rolling dough into buns. Oh my were they tasty. She loves to make toast although spreading peanut butter is still beyond her.
Vanessa however is getting more and more stubborn by the day. She hates to move from one activity to another so getting dressed and out the door becomes a battle of the wills and often results in tears. Once we're out, she's content. Like potty training she won't attempt anything until she's sure to succeed. She's very brave and outgoing when she's confident which is most of the time.
Potty training is moving along. We still have accidents but she's working on it. I try and reward her with joy and praise but I don't think she thinks peeing in the potty is a big deal but the Halloween candy she choses sure is. Saturday out with Pamela was a disaster with respects to potty mistakes because she was having so much fun but we'll all get there. Hopefully we'll be confident before we fly to Florida in December. It would be nice to avoid diaper rash and be able to go into the water without worrying about her diaper getting soaking wet.
The other day Mary-Jane and Vanessa were talking about day to day things and Vanessa says,"You've got to be kidding me!" That sure got our attentions.
She is also cluing into the new baby coming. Tim and Christine came over and brought us all sorts of baby items. Chris told Vanessa it was for the baby and Vanessa said,"the baby in Mommy's tummy." I'm glad to hear it's relocated from Daddy's tummy to mine. Vanessa's starting to use "stister" in her imaginative play which is fun to watch.
We've discovered Vanessa's limit. She can easily go two days with out a nap but you better make sure to include one in her third day. OH my! temper tantrums and disobedience becomes all that she knows. Sunday was like that and Vanessa didn't want to have anything to do with going for a nap. She rarely naps on week-ends since so much is going on and Daddy's home but she napped for two solid hours yesterday. I'm so glad she gave in for everyone's sake.
Oh a happy note she loves playing with her cousin. It was a lot of fun to watch them chase each other giggling yesterday. I saw the age gap get smaller right before my eyes. In a few years, a year and a half apart will be very small and they'll be scheming together against their parents.

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