Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swing Set day... anticlimactic

Today was a break in the cold wet weather we had yesterday. It was hot. Our thermometer said 37C out side in the sun. It reads a little hot but you get the point. Vanessa and I headed off to playgroup. She insisted she wear shorts like Mommy and Daddy. It was finally the day and she looked so cute. Playgroup was eventful. Vanessa was having a good time but she got body checked by another girl. She got up and was fine but a whole minute later her lip started to quiver and she cried "where's daddy?" "Daddy!" "Daddy stayed home, Vanessa." I said. "Would you like the snack he maid for you?"I asked. The snack to the rescue once again. I'm so glad that orange slices make her so happy. We sat down and had snack. She actually pulled out a piece of orange from the bag and I was going to take it to pull the segments apart and she said. One minute Mommy. Pulled the segments apart and gave me a piece. She surprises me daily.
That was the good surprise. Later at snack she was given a piece of cheese from someone else's snack. She ate and promptly through up her whole snack. Fortunately, she only got the floor and some on her shoes. Non on her, the table or any other. fewf. I don't think that oranges and cheese mix. She went on to have raisins and crackers and fun and games.
We came home to have lunch with Daddy. Vanessa went for a nap and we put together her big surprise. We've had this swing set for almost a month now. It was on a lawn to be given away so we picked it up. It's in great condition but we wanted to paint it.
So this week was the time. The schedule and weather permitted. Eric painted two coats this morning. The heat was in his favour. He also put in new cross bars since the old ones were bent from big kids standing on them. It looks great.
Vanessa came down from her nap and we were excited to show her the surprise. She went outside and walked right by it. We had to coax her to try it out. Admittedly, she's a little small for most of it but she'll have a hang of it by the end of the summer. It's going to be great to have her and her friends play back there over the summers. Tomorrow, I'll put together a video.

I made a fantastic dinner. Each part was simple but it was hard to co-ordinate all at the same time. I've been making a lot of one-pot meals either in the oven, pressure cooker or stir fry. Adding simple rice or veggies doesn't really count as an extra pot. This meal took four pots all at the same time. Fried pork chops with maple mustard glaze and apple raisin topping along with a penne pasta and broccoli with a cheese sauce. It was soooo good but each pot required a lot of attention. It's amazing I didn't burn or over cook anything. Although... I did overflow the apple topping and left Eric to clean the mess. :-{
I rushed out the door to take the bus to get me here where I am blogging. I'm on the computer listening to the TV. What luxury! while keeping and ear out for Kieran. His mom and dad went out to see a show. Some well deserved time childless together.

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