Saturday, May 23, 2009

More on the evergrowing backyard park

Yesterday we met up with friends in the park. Everyone had a good time trying out the new park. This was a really nice one for young children. They ran around carefree. Up the ladders and down the slides. We had a snack their with our friends although there was a lot going on to sit down and eat.
I was mentioning to my mom that we weren't going to have enough room for the slide beside the swing set and she suggested we add it to the stairs. At first, I thought it was a little crazy. Does the toddler really need my deck stairs too? I ran the idea by Eric and he said it was interesting. Then I thought what's one more toddler feature so I suggested to Eric how he might attach the slide. Once he understood my instructions, he went to work on it as planned. It worked out better than I thought.

Bribery never hurt anyone right? Well, we invited my parents for dinner so they would bring the reciprocating saw and cut out the old clothing rack. It was sticking out of the grass by 2" and very dangerous to fall on. We had dug down 18" and it still wouldn't budge so Eric figured it would be easiest to cut it down and bury it. Good plan!

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