Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a roller coaster!

The day after my last post I started getting concerned about Vanessa's cough, fever and being lethargic. If you've met my daughter you would know she never sits still so when she didn't want to leave my side I got concerned. The clinics weren't open so I decided if things didn't improve I would take her to the doctor first thing Sunday morning.
Sunday morning was more of the same so we went to the clinic. It was empty. So empty that we thought it was closed. We saw a doctor right away. OMG good timing. He put a clip on her finger and said that her oxygen level was low and sent us to the hospital to have her admitted overnight. WOW. I didn't see that coming. Eric had to work so I went to the loft to pick up Mary-Jane. I couldn't face this alone. When we got to the loft, Vanessa said, "Gamma". She'd never said that before and my heart broke since she wasn't there. We got MJ and went to the hospital. Things went well as we went through the steps. First and intern and then a doctor who agreed that she had pneumonia. They sent us to an inhalation therapist who put her on two pumps and some oxygen. They did x-rays and brought us to a room. Once in the room they, took her away to put an IV in her and take some blood. They suggest strongly that a parent does not assist. So I stayed back to worry. She came back ok and they hydrated her through the IV and gave her antibiotics. I stayed with her that night. I've never been so happy that she's a good sleeper. The woke her up regularly to check her oxygen and give her Ventolin and cortisone pumps.
By the end of day 2, I wasn't seeing any improvement in Vanessa and I was a complete mess. With the lack of food, since I couldn't leave the room, the stress and the fact that I had Vanessa's cold I had two dizzy spells. The nurse saw the second and told me to go home. Since I couldn't do that right away, she gave me some hospital food. Yuck! but I needed to be strong for Vanessa. Since I had to hold Vanessa, Christina feed it too me. We found out that Vanessa and likely me had RSV . It's very contagious so they quarantined her. She was not allowed to leave the room and I had to wear a mask and wash my hands to leave.
Eric stayed with her night 2,3,4 and 5. He was able to take Tuesday through Friday off. That was the only way I would have made it through. Vanessa got restless so Pamela brought her computer to watch videos. I bought a few and brought in Curious George and Word Girl TV shows that were recorded from home. That worked ok but the computer was overkill and Pamela wished for her computer back. I went out and bought a very necessary portable DVD player with screen usually used in cars. That worked well. Kept everyone sane. I've never seen one movie so many times.
We continued with the same treatment all week Vanessa could see the inhalation therapist coming and would put her suss in her mouth. She know that they couldn't put the mask on with it. Sometimes when she saw the nurse, she would take her sock off so she could check her oxygen. She was getting used to the routine. Nothing they did, except the IV hurt but it still wasn't fun. I think it was Tuesday. Vanessa was really restless and fell out of her crib onto her face. Even sick, I was able to console her in under two minutes so I knew there was no permanent damage. The hospital wanted to make sure so we went for x-rays of her face and did her lungs at the same time. They found no injury to her face and her lungs had not gotten worse so the doctor was happy.
Vanessa showed little improvement until Thursday when she started eating hospital food and devouring the bagel and cream cheese I gave her. I gave her the tub and she dipped the bagel in it since I didn't have a knife. It put a smile on my face.

On Friday morning I came into the hospital to relieve Eric and Vanessa went Yeah!! with her hands in he air. The doctor had arrived and discharged her! We were all ecstatic. Eric was even teary eyed. They took the IV out and we were free. Vanessa improved even more the minute we got outside. Once in the car, she asked for pizza. We were so happy that we indulged her.
By Saturday Vanessa was back to her old self and it was my turn to take care of myself. I napped a lot and went to the doctor. He said I'd be fine. By Tuesday I was still recovering so Kay came over to watch V while I had a nap and a shower. I was very grateful.
On Thursday we were on a plane to Cuba and that post will be for another day.

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