Friday, August 08, 2008

Tim and Chris' La Minerve Wedding

I had been looking forward to our annual trip to La Minerve since just after Christmas. I know eight months is a long time to wait but it's worth it. This location is very private with no facilities. We always have great food and warm friends. Each year is different for us since Vanessa is at a different stage. She sure makes it eventful. This year we were nervous since she'd been pretty sick all week but the first night she slept through the night for the first time this week. Yippy!

Friday was fun and relaxing. We were just a handful of people getting organized and soaking up the sun. It was worth Eric taking the day off and going up just in time for dinner. It gave us a chance to settle in and for Vanessa to get acquainted with the big dog. She's hasn't been around animals much and they can be intimidating but this dog is well behaved. It took Vanessa the evening to relax around the dog and she was great the next day. She even went and pet her nose while in my arms of course. Vanessa only started getting uneasy when she was eating strapped to her seat. I don't blame her!

Saturday morning we got all the final things done and went for a swim. It was a gorgeous morning. Vanessa and I went for a swim but she much preferred to play at the edge in the plants and muck.

After lunch Christine came up to me to tell me it was time to go get ready. I had lost track of time. I put Eric in charge of Vanessa and picked up my stuff. Christine, our Mother-in-Law, Bev and I went off to Jo-Anne's room at the bed and breakfast. It gave Chris a chance to change, relax and focus her energy on the special event ahead.

Outside the BnB. That smile says it all.
The three of us all joyous and ready.
Christine waiting for the rain to let up and some last minute guest to arrive.
These are her last few steps before meeting up with her soon to be husband.

Olaf officiated the wedding of Timothy and Christine.

After the ceremony, they're glowing.
They're holding the bouquet that France hand picked up there.

It's perfect! That was some yummy cake.

Lemon poppy seed!

The ceremony was lovely. It suited them so well. They read their vows, had a poem read and the obligatory legal stuff. Clara and Leo were ecstatic to walk up to them and bring the wedding bands. The rain let up for the ceremony and the pictures but right at dinner time it down poured. Tents were moved and tarps were put up. The adults had a good time despite the rain and the kids had a good time because of the rain. Tim and Christine provided the meat for the evening that Paul cooked on the BBQ and most of us brought a side dish. It was sooo good and nobody went to bed hungry. Especially Vanessa who has a new interest in stabbing her food with cutlery. (Ask Pamela! she had to armour herself with a plastic plate under the Styrofoam one so she wouldn't poke through to their laps.)
Laurel, Clara and Leo.

Christine sitting quietly with Vanessa
Lots of fun in the sand. Who needs boots when you're warm in your rainsuit.

Mommy needs one too.

After dinner the rain went away and we had a really nice campfire while Vanessa was tucked away in her tent. We started the evenning off with fireworks. How exciting to light up the sky! The kids had mixed emotions but the adults loved them. The campfire had been going all day and was ready for marshmellos. Mmmm... on cookies covered in chocolate. What a perfect ending to this special day.

On Sunday we lounged around and packed up in the dry weather. Many of us talked about the beautiful day we had the day before. Everyone had a good time and the bride and groom are one happy couple.

I'm very sorry that I took very few pictures. Most of these are Eric's and two of these are Jo-Anne's. I enjoyed the momments and didn't worry about the camera since it was grey. Many memories were made and I won't forget.

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