Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All in a day.

This morning I drove Eric to work and stopped off at the loft. Grandma and Grandpa were playing hookie so it was just MJ. Vanessa helped MJ plot and get exercise running outside. It was a gorgeous day. 23 Celsius with sun and a breeze. Below is some really cute advertising. Maybe we should have her wear it at the next boat show. :-)

We went up for a walk on the mountain. I was getting V's trailer ready while she walked into the backyard. I thought she would have climbed up the stairs onto the deck but it was too quiet for that. Once I was done, I went to check on her. I found her here in her element. The damage was done so I ran off to get my camera. No giggles but she was playing seriously in the water.

On the mountain we went around the lake and played in the field. Saw a group of kids. Vanessa was really interested in them and their food. Mmm... We had a snack and made our way home but not before seeing some deer really close up. They're getting braver and braver but still just as cute.

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  1. Christina9:24 pm

    love the bumper sticker