Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Day

Mondays Vanessa and I usually hang out at home. We've had long week-ends and like to recharge our batteries. Here's a recap of this one. Vanessa slept in a little. We had a nurse then Daddy took her downstairs for breakfast while I got a shower. She had cereal with yogurt Mmm. Daddy left and we played a little and Vanessa went down for a nap. As I was leaving, she waved goodbye. She was not prompted. It was really cute. Now I know she knows what it means. She babbled and giggled for an hour and slept for an hour. Ohh it was heaven. She got up and we went downstairs and played some more. We had a nice lunch of Crispy Chicken, Rice and corn. We played again. Vanessa has a toy where you pull the shapes out one end. She mastered that at Christmas. The other end has a shape sorter. She has now started to put the balls back in the other end. Yippy! Next will be cubes and pyramids. She had another nap and babbled for only 15 minutes and slept for 1:45. So exciting. I napped too. When she woke up we played in her room a little. She was standing at her crib and wanted me to pick her up. I was about 2ft away and she took her first step. WOW! No hikes on the mountain just yet but it was great. She wasn't paying attention to what she was doing so she just stepped one step. We walked over to the grocery store for dinner. I picked up a few things and walked back. While I was getting ready for dinner, "Ballroom Blitz" was playing on the radio. I was singing and dancing and she started to giggle at the Ohh Ya!
For dinner I made Salmon with lemon in a bag in the microwave. I also did spaghetti squash in another bag. I made Greek salad skip the olives. Dinner was fantastic. It was really easy and a great hit with everyone and really good for you.
While I was at aquafit, Vanessa and Daddy had fun. Daddy put on a Shania Twain Concert on the tv. Vanessa stood close and boogied. Too bad I missed it. She then crawled back to the couch, hopped on and sat down beside Daddy. Oh ya new skill. She can climb onto all our couches. She bounced to the music. Once the song was done, she clapped along with the audience. Who says babies shouldn't watch TV. Everything in moderation.
I came home and nursed Vanessa. She turned evil on my and I put her too bed. She calmed down quickly and is sleeping peacefully.

That sums up Vanessa's day. It was a great day full of firsts and smiles.

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