Saturday, February 02, 2008

Big Week.

Last weekend we went over to the Jacques farm for some wine tasting. Kay made a lovely dinner and served many different wines. Eric took part in the wine tasting but I had one glass and skipped to the very tasty port. There were lots of friends and it was a beautiful day. We went for a walk in the snow. Vanessa had a really good time. Eric and I were not sitting in the same room at dinner so V got to eat the first part with Daddy and the last little bit with Mommy. I had the better table thought since V got to play with the pots hanging on the wall. Kept her occupied for dozens of minutes.

Since V was getting up at night we decided to go home that evening. She was awake and reasonably cheerful until we put her in the car at midnight where she slept the whole way home.

On Sunday, Pamela, V and I went over to Anjana's to meet her baby boy. So little at 3 weeks old. He slept most of the time we were there. I held him and watched him sleep. So very peaceful while V was trying to climb onto the futon and pull out the recycling. Anjana's doing well now with the support of her family.

During the week we went to our regularly scheduled Aquapousette and a MeetUp group activity. This event was at MiniGym in Ville St-Laurent. V met a little boy her own age that could stand. She has something to aspire to. They had fun playing house. It was really cute.

We also went skating twice with V. The first time was on Thursday in St-Bruno. It was a gorgeous night. Couldn't ask for better. They light up the skating area. We pulled V in a sleigh the shape of a bird. She was giggling up a storm. MJ came with us. She had fun taking turns with Eric pulling V. The sleigh was stable and went fast with Eric.
We went again on Sunday with Tim and Chris but to Beaver Lake. It wasn't as nice. The ice was worn and snow pilled up inside the sled making it really heavy. Tim and Chris treated for brunch at a Chinese restaurant serving traditional breakfasts. V had cottage cheese for the first time. It was a hit.

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