Monday, February 25, 2008

About Me

Some of you already know but I've been working on getting into shape. That means more exercise and better eating. I've been doing well but over the winter it's been really tough. I'm very much looking forward to spring and ridding my bike. Having said that I've lost 20 lbs. I'm a long way off of any goal that I may have. Ideally I'd like to be down to High School graduation weight but I'd be happy to walk into most regular size clothing stores and fit into the clothes. Both of those goals are at least 40lbs away. I'm going at it slow so the pounds stay off for life.

I've been walking and taking two AquaFit classes. One of them is on my own and the other is with Vanessa. They are both very different and I am motivated to get to those classes even when the week hasn't been great. This week I went out and bought a new bathing suit since the last one was getting too big. That's really tough to do in the winter and in a plus size but I found one I really like. Tonight I tried it out and what a difference it made. I felt better and the class was easier with something that fit.

I find that I'm more fit. I can walk further and for longer than ever before. Things I wouldn't have considered doing before I do without thinking. For example in the fall I walked to the mall and back after I had gone to Zellers and back. On Saturday, I walked to the grocery store twice. (I forgot something important). I'm actually looking forward to running around with Vanessa.

See I can't post without mentionning Vanessa. She has been my motivation to get healthy. I'm trying to set an example so she has a healthy life. I want to enjoy my time with her the best I can and that means having the energy to play and run around.

I hope I haven't jinks myself by telling the whole world. I'll let you know when I make it to 30lbs. Don't hold your breath. These things take time but it's well worth it.

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