Saturday, November 17, 2007

Night time bliss

She naps! She naps on a regular basis and I really notice it when it doesn't happen. The lenght varries but anything over 30 minutes is welcome. I get to do what ever I want. Mostly clean kitchen, read my blogs, read my book or nap. Sometimes I make dinner. I'll try my slow cooker more this week. This means being more organized but Vanessa's morning nap is way more regular. It will make everyone happier and dinner time more relaxing. Nothing better than a nice hot cooked meal you just spoon out at dinner time when you're ready.

She can play on her own for quite a while. It's a joy to watch her get excited over an item. She found lots of pleasure in a Kleenex pulled straight from the box. V loves empty creamers. It's a great thing at a restaurant. She lookes at things a whole new way.

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