Monday, November 26, 2007

Little steps

I'm so excited. Vanessa picked up her sippy cup and drank from it on her own. She picked it up by the edge with one hand and the side of the cup with the other hand. She gave me a look of pride and excitement over the edge of her glass while gulping down the water. Now she'll be able to drink to her own thirst.

Last night we went to my parents and Christina made roast beef for dinner with bread pudding for desert. I took a few pictures of Vanessa. Filled 1gb card with video and pictures.

Vanessa had a great time with this ball of aluminum foil. She loved the texture on her hands. She would also put it in her mouth and then a couple of seconds later she would get the shivers with this metalic taste in her mouth.

Honey bunches also loves the texture of Daddy's head. Here she's holding on and standing. She actually let go and turned. Hmm... maybe she'll walk before she crawls. We'll just have to wait and see.

Looks like Vanessa's eyes are going to stay blue and sometimes a hint of blue. No matter what colour they are they will always be beautiful.

A meeting of the minds.

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