Thursday, November 22, 2007

Laptop "Give 1, Get 1"

A post that is not Vanessa related. Imagine that. I was listening to one of my podcast today, Search Engine and they talked about a laptop per child in the world. There's a company that has created laptops for 20o$. They have a basic Linux OS, a thumb drive for hard drive and a powerfull wi-fi. They can be self powered by solar or a crank.

Here's there website. One Laptop per Child It's an amazing thing. Two laptops can be purchased for 400$. You donate one and then you get one.

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  1. This is a project I have been following for some time - isn't it cool? it was developed with free input from experts all over the world through the wiki. I talked to someone who has been involved in teaching in third world countries and in this project. One of the biggest advantages apparently is the access to current textbooks through the mesh network.