Monday, October 08, 2007


We had a very nice thanksgiving week-end. It all seems to be a blur but the highlights are we sold our old stroller and car seat, went to Iles-de-Bouchervilles and had dinner at Jo-Anne's.

The Bouchervilles islands were nice. I had only been there once to try out some kayacs but this time we went for a walk. I would say hike but I've never been on such flat land as that and it was all crushed stone. Sunday was nice and sunny with a slight breeze. I enjoyed walking in a new place with new scenery. They had some look outs but we didn't stand on the platforms. Eric took pictures of a deer and we saw a few more on the way out. Vanessa slept most of the trip. Ahhh the peace and serenity of the great outdoors.

Thanksgiving dinner was different this year. We went over to Jo-Anne's and met Pamela and Christina there. We enjoyed salmon, rice and cauliflower. For dessert we had pumpkin pie. Mmmm. Vanessa had her very own meal. Sweet patatos, cereal and peaches. She was tired and didn't finish. Pretty unusual for her. Daddy pulled her out of her high chair and sat her on his knee. The next thing you know both of my babies were hurt. Eric's heart was broken he had let Vaness slid down his leg to the floor. She landed on the floor on her bum so we didn't think anything was hurt or broken. Eric was really upset that Vanessa slipped out of his fingers. Once Vanessa settled down, everyone was fine. The next morning as I was about to feed my angel and noticed she had a shiner. She must have hit her eyelid on the table as she slippe. She's doing just fine but Daddy will take a little longer to get over it.


  1. Christina2:39 pm

    Great time was had by everyone. All of a sudden.. Vanessa disapeared then there was a breif moment of silence.. then the gates opened up. Didn't seem to bother her the next day though. Purple eye and all!

  2. Eric should talk to my Dad. There is a family story in which Patricia fell over Dad's shoulder while he was sitting at a dining room table. He caught her UPSIDE DOWN with his elbow by jamming her against the buffet behind him! She would have been about 5 months at the time.

    Your in good company Eric, it happens to the best of us. Luckily kids are tough huh? :)

  3. Hi catherine

    I got the new Hostel Shop catalog and Windwrap makes a fairing for Burly bikes, but with the mounting hardware and all that if comes to around $550, a little too much for me.