Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's official

Last night Vanessa grew from being an infant to a baby. Last week, as you know, Vanessa started rolling over. That was a sign that she needed to be moved into her crib. One night last week we caught her with one foot over the side of her cradle boat. (Sorry no pictures) I told her grandfather that she needed hiking straps. ;-)

Yesterday Christina offered to babysit while we went out to dinner. It was a generous offer but we had things to do. I asked her to come over and watch Vanessa while we put her crib together. She came over and had supper and took her out for a walk. We set up the crib in no time and since the nursery is getting small we took the high chair out and assembled it too. We will be needing it once we come back from BC since we'll be starting her on solid foods. The high chair was a huge hit with Vanessa. It has a built in toy and she sees everyone at their level. She can activate the lights and sounds. She can even twirl the top bit. It's funny to see the concentration on her face. She sticks out her tongue like her daddy. This should give me a break and maybe I'll get dinner on the table more often before Daddy comes home.

This is for those of you who like to print my pictures and put them on the fridge. You know who you are.

Below is a picture of Vanessa the morning of her first night in the crib. She up to her old tricks. She cuddles up to the side even in her bunting bag. She sure loves to squirm in her sleep. She even slept in this morning.

Sorry this post is a little disjointed but you get the gist.

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