Sunday, June 10, 2007

Growing Girl

Why don't we talk a little about Vanessa? Alright! Alright! I'm a proud mommy who only talks about her daughter. She's growing daily. On Friday we went for our weigh in at the CLSC. My baby is now 12lbs and just about to be 3 months. It's great to know that she's growing healthy and strong. Not to mention I'm getting a workout!

As you've seen in the videos below Vanessa is cooing. It makes everything worth wild. I can't help but smile when we have our little talks. Last week I sat down with Vanessa in front of me while holding the newspaper. I read it out loud and she read it back to me. What a precious moment. Soon we'll be reading Dr. Seuss and she'll be telling me I've skipped a page.

SpongeVanPoopiePants is also getting stronger. She's well on her way to rolling over. She is sucking on her hands now more than ever and drools like a St. Bernard. She can see toys ahead of her and can focus on items she finds interesting. Most of the time we can't figure exactly what she's looking at but soon enough she'll be able to tell us.

Yesterday she made her first international trip. We went to Burlington, VT for the Jazz Festival, the ride and to shop. We brought some back seat entertainment for her but I'm not sure if she entertained Pamela or vice-versa. They both had a great time and tired each other out. We hit all the usual spots and had dinner at Sandy's Deli. MMmmm.

One note on breast feeding... Vanessa and I do really well on a couch all comfortable and propped up. Feeding in a new city out in public is a challenge. Where is a comfortable and appropriate place to breast feed a baby. One day I'll learn how to do it without flashing everyone. Maybe i should start carrying a tent. *smile* I finally decided that the park, of all places, was the best in a secluded and shaded area. It worked out pretty well sitting back to back with Pamela or Eric to lean on. Once I started I realised I wasn't alone and that was the "in" place to feed. I think I'm going to start bringing the lounge lizard with me.

"Lets Roll"

Little Miss Muffet sat in her car seat
Eating her curds and whey.
There came a big spider,
Who sat down beside her.
And frightened Miss Muffet away!

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