Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Daddy's home

These last couple of days have been packed with fun. Daddy's home for two whole weeks. We took Vanessa down to Burlington to buy her her very first tent. It's a pop up with wall to mattress. We're hoping when we travel and/or camp she'll sleep in it. We took the scenic route to Burlington via the ferry from Port Kent. It was a blistering day outside so Vanessa and I hung out in the car while she ate.
Today we had the shocks on the trailer fixed. My dad had us going out to LaPrairie to have them repaired but Eric found a place in St-Bruno that did them for cheaper. (I'm so glad I didn't have to pull the trailler down the highway). We were in and out of the loft for most of the day. We're looking forward to taking it camping. Since Vanessa doubles the gear we want to take it's great to have somewhere to put it.
Tonight we went Mini-Putting for Vanessa's first time. She had fun. She talked a lot and entertainned everyone between shots. She fell a sleep at the 16th hole. All that work making people smile and being mommy's caddy. She was my good luck charm. I won tonight but it was a close game. Kay and Pamela came with us. This pics are courtesy Pamela.

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