Friday, December 09, 2005

Final UK post

We took the Tube downtown to pick up some stuff for Pamela's Christmas party. London 3 weeks before Christmas was so cramped you couldn't move. You moved with the crowd and hoped it was going on the same direction as you were. I was so happy when Pamela said this wasn't worth it and to head back to the hotel. We first went back to the tran station to pick up my bags. What a great service to be able to check your bags in for the day and pick them up safe and sound. They even put them through a scan like the airport. I had all my iPod accessories in it and that brought on a few questions.
We got back to the hotel and I slipped into a nice hot, relaxing bath while Pamela watched TV with her eyes closed. It had been a long day.
We went and had a late dinner at the Guinness Pub in the hotel. Once again I had a nice dinner but Pamela got the short end of the stick. We went back to the room and crashed.
The next morning we went for our Continental Breakfast. We picked up our stuff and check out of the hotel. We both took the bus and went our separate ways. Pamela's journey home was almost as long as mine.
All and all I had a great time in the UK. Loved Edinburgh and hated London. Should go in the summer next time. I would get a lot more out of the experience. I would also love to take Eric. He missed out and I missed out on his company.

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