Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Christmas Wrap up.

This year I hosted Christmas for Eric's family and Christina. We all had a wonderful day. Christmas day went smoothly but Christmas Eve was a little frantic. I've never had a sit down meal for 12 so I ran around putting all the details together like a chicken with my head cut off. Thank goodness my knight in shining armor came home and tidied up.
For one day I had a formal dining room in the living room and all the furniture in the basement to accommodate gift unwrapping.

Christmas morning started very relaxed with coffee or hot chocolate with Bailey's. Christina came in a little later and requested tea. She was delayed because the heat had shut off at the house.
We opened our stockings.
This is Jo-Anne adding to the stockings we had prepared.

Christina's talking on the phone with Grandpa Lambie. He called to wish us Merry Christmas. Since we were only 4 for breakfast, I made everyone mushroom, Swiss omelets. Christina liked them so much she had two. The bread machine also made chocolate banana bread. It was very tasty with peanut butter.
Eric loved his "Eric The Penguin" calendar. Thanks Pamela!

Christina opening her Winnie the Pooh Calendar.

Jo-Anne's German bear that came from Edinburgh.

Nice to see Jo-Anne enjoying herself. It was great having her around the house Christmas day.

The kitchen bar

Food and family. Darn pole!

More family same food.

Pamela, Do you recognize the apron? Eric carving the 22 lbs turkey. It was really yummy and plenty for everyone.

Group picture. We got everyone but Memere.

This one shows the candles. Dinner was warm and cozy.

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