Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm here! I'm here!

Everything went smoothly. Right down to the ice cream on the plane. I slept almost 4 hours on the plane. I got a windowseat and an empty seat beside. What luxury! They played movies but I thought it was best that I sleep. When I settled in to sleep I realized I left my fleece in the airport washrooms. SHIT!!! Soon I'll have to buy a fleece or a sweater. Pamela suggested I waite to get to Edinburgh to buy a sweater. THANKS CHRISTINA!
Once I got off the plane my luggage was waiting for me all in tact. Yippy! I was then off to find the Tube. Boy that was easy. I wish Montreal had something right up to the airport like this. I think it took me about 45min to get downtown.
I got to the train station really, really early. I asked them if I could change for an earlier ticket. They said it would cost 76 £. My time isn't that valuable so I waited. It was an open airtrain stationn and I was pretty cold.
Pamela was waiting for me at the other end in Leeds. We took the bus home and went to the nearestgroceryy store/surplus store. As Pamela would say CheapyCheapy but Eric would love the cases of Boddingtons and the large Toblerone for 49p. (about 1 dollar).
Today we're off to Whitby by car with Lindsay, Pamela's friend. It's a typical tourist town. Still haven't taken many pictures but I suppose today will be a good opportunity.
Take care everyone. TTFN

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  1. Christina8:12 am

    HAHAHAHA You lost it in Dorval.. You hadnt even left the country!