Sunday, July 31, 2005

Montreal and back

Yesterday we, MJ, Ronald and I set off to the Victoria briged on bicycle. It was yet another nice day to ride. We went over the Vicoria pedestrian walk an a short trip on the Gilles Villeneuve race track to the Concorde brigde to Montreal.
FYI, I can't take credit for these pics. Rondald took them since I went basic and brought money and water.

We're taking a break as we arrive at the canal. Lots of people around to pass and be passed by.
We went over to the Atwater market. We went in for some fruit but they were giving away Mediteranean Yogurt. It was really good. The very high fat content made it creamy like ice ceam. They handed it out with fresh raspberries. MmmmMmmmm...
We got back on the path beside the canal for a while and it took us to Verdun and Nuns' Island. Fun part. lots of things to look at. We stoped and checked out a Cricket match. ( not sure of the spelling ).
We went over the Ice Bridge. Great place to ride if it's not to windy. New perspective on the city. We rode back home for some Iced tea and some Ritz chips. Very tasty if you like salty.
I loved that ride. I'll try and take Eric soon. Maybe my bike shorts I ordered will show up this summer.

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