Sunday, May 08, 2005

Busy as a bee.

Today is Mother's day. Mother's everywhere getting gifts, being pampered and hopefully at least a nicely cooked meal. Tim and Chris had us over with my in-laws and my grandmother-in-law. They always make a lovely meal. Fresh baked goods, salmon, fruit salad and other delicious items. I chipped in my Caesar salad and some mini cheese cakes. Can't go wrong with them.

After, Eric hung out with his little brother who was all excited to go bowling while I took the bus over to my parents with another Caesar salad kit in my pack. I put every thing in the fridge and conned MJ to go for a walk on the mountain. There were no other takers.

We did the "Expert" trail. Boy there were a lot of hills! The gravel makes it a little slippery. I took a few pictures since the day was beautiful. Most of them were pretty washed out but I've salvaged 2 for your viewing pleasure.

Well... steak was abundant at our house. Yesterday Mommy went grocery shopping and saw some nice thick steaks on sale so she bought them. Christina also went out, as planned, on the way home and bought steaks for dinner. Sooo with all that steak we invited MJ and Ron also for dinner. (still some left over) A good time was had by all and Eric even came home with his eye brows. hehehe. He BBQ'd the steaks and there was some flamage that went on even 2 min after he turned off the gas. It's all good !
Very enjoyable day.

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